We provide you with these support pages for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, in spite of all our efforts to the contrary, we'll miss putting something in a pattern, or get something wrong. When that happens, there are page here to help you. We have information here that we've compiled over the years that you might find helpful... We have put together charts for hand sizes, knitting needle and crochet hook sizes, as well as yarn-size charts. We also have some mini-tutorials for you that may help you to add beads or lifelines to a project, how to block a lace shawl, and how to frog part of a lace project, get the rest back on your needles, and continue knitting. A number of years ago the Craft Yarn Council put together a list of skill levels they believe to work for everything. Our list (the link is near the bottom) is based on theirs.

There's one more little thing at the end of the list. Back in the day, before I started knitwear design, I did a lot of counted cross-stitch. Dave, dear man that he is, wrote a fabric calculator for me to use to figure out how large a piece of fabric I needed for any given project. It was so cool that we decided to share it with the world. The site that the calculator was originally on is long since gone, but the calculator itself lives on here at Fiber Dreams. Cross-stitch is worked with fiber on fiber, after all, so it seemed appropriate.