Since 2010, all of our patterns are checked by at least one professional tech editor (TE) to help minimize errors, but mistakes do still slip by. As an aside, for some reason we seem to have the most trouble with patterns whose names start with the letter "G," and for whatever reason, Spanish Dancer has been a thorn in the side since its birth. Anyway, below is a list of the corrections listed in alphabetic order by pattern name.

The patterns

The following patterns have errata. If a pattern is not listed below, there is no errata for it. If you believe you have found an error in a pattern that is not listed here, please Contact us.

Reading charts

Chart rows are always worked from bottom to top. Unless pattern is knit in the round, all odd numbered chart rows are worked from right to left, and all even numbered chart rows are worked from left to right. If pattern is being knit in the round, then all rows are knit from right to left. If chart has sections, A, B, C, etc., then the order the sections are worked on wrong-side rows is opposite that of right-side rows. In other words, if the instructions say to work charts like this, A once, B 5 times, C once, then wrong-side rows are worked like this: C once, B 5 times, A once.

Chart and symbol problems

In earlier versions of the patterns some Macintosh users had trouble with chart symbols—and occasionally other text—showing up as funny little rectangles, especially on downloads before 2009. This most often happened when the pdf file was opened with the Preview application. Instead, right click on the download link. Select "Save Link As" from the menu to save the file to your hard drive. Open the file with the latest version of Acrobat Reader. This should fix the problem.

Version numbers

Originally, we didn't included version numbers on any of our patterns. At some point we found that it was time to implement something. At the bottom of every page of more recent editions of every pattern there is a two part number. All patterns start out at 1.0. Minor pattern errors and formatting tweaks will increase the number to the right of the decimal, e.g., it will go from v1.0 to v1.1. Major pattern errors and big changes in formatting will make the number to the left of the decimal increase, e.g., change from v1.2 to v2.0. As we go through and add the pattern number to the top of page 1 on all printed patterns the second number will go up by one, resulting in a potential version number of 1.1 for something that has had no pattern errors reported.