Birdsfoot Fern

November 2, 2011: The written stitch instructions for the Leaf chart on page 2 should read (the charts are fine):
  • row 8: S1, BO 6 sts, p4.
  • row 9: (YO twice, k2tog) twice, k1.
  • and the following need to be broken out:
    —rows 10 – 16. Repeat rows 2 – 8.
    —rows 17 – 24. Repeat rows 9 – 16.
    —rows 25 – 30. Repeat rows 9 – 14.
January 24, 2012: The written stitch instructions for the Leaf charts seem to be problematic. The following are changes to those charts on the indicated pages (the charts are fine):
  • page 2 needs these corrections:
    —row 5: K4, (YO twice, k2tog) twice, k1.
    —row 6: should end with a p4.
    —row 34: should end with a p4.
  • page 3: rows 6, 8, 10, and 12 should all end with purl stitches instead of knit stitches.
  • page 4: rows 6, 8, 10, 12, and 22 should all end with purl stitches instead of knit stitches.
  • page 5: rows 6 and 8 should end with a p4.
January 26, 2012: What with one thing and another, I thought it would be a good idea to have my TE go over these written stitch instructions another time. She found the following. I hope this is the end of it. It should be. Fingers crossed.
  • page 5, Leaf:
    —9-16. Repeat rows 1-8.
    —17-18. repeat rows 1-2.
    —19. (K2tog, YO twice) twice, k2tog, k1.
    —20. S1, (p2, k1) twice, p1.
    —21. K2tog, k1, (YO twice, k2tog) twice, k1.
    —22. S1, (p2, k1) twice, p2.
    —23. Knit.
    —24. S1, BO 6 sts, p2.

August 16, 2013: I can't believe that this is the first I heard of this error, but it is. I would have fixed it ages and ages ago. I also can't believe that my TE and I didn't catch it when we did the whole raft of changes more than 1½ years ago. But there you have it. We didn't see it, and no one told me, so it didn't get fixed then. It's fixed now. If you have an old version of this pattern, this is what you do to fix it:

  • Page 5, Right Edge. The first paragraph and the setup row are fine. The last paragraph is also fine. Delete everything between "Repeat the following 2 rows" through the instructions for the WS row. Replace all that stuff with this:

    RS and WS rows are worked the same. Repeat the following row until all edge stitches have been used at the end of the last WS row, but 4 sts remain unused (last 4 of the 5 held at end of trefoils) at the end of the final RS row.
    All rows: S1, knit to 1 st before gap, k2tog, k3. Turn.
    Note: Transfer held sts from end of trefoil border onto needle as they are reached.

February 7, 2014, page 5, Right Edge: This is not an error, but more than one person has been confused about this same thing lately, so I thought it best to explain it here. The pattern says to pick up and knit 106 sts along the edge. These are the first 106 edge sts only. Picking up these sts along the edge should put you just past the center point of the shawl. There should be a few less than 106 edge sts remaining to be picked up. The remaining edge stitches will be picked up and knit a few at a time, every other row, as the short rows are worked.
If it would be easier for you to get your brain around, go ahead and pick up and knit ALL of the stitches along the edge, including those held at both ends. To reiterate, grab those provisional sts, pick up one stitch for every slipped stitch along the edge that you worked before, then transfer the held sts at the far end. You’ll have something around 200 sts on the needle (I haven’t done the math for this recently, and don’t have time to look it up). Then knit the 106 sts, k2tog, k3, turn, work the setup row next. From here, work the main shaping repeat until all the stitches are used up from one side, 4 sts are left on the other side, and the rest of the sts are in the middle.