Errors to The Sanguine Gryphon version

The Sanguine Gryphon has emailed the updated pattern pdf to people who purchased Lalique before May 16, 2011. If you purchased a printed pattern, or have not received your updated pdf, please contact the Sanguine Gryphon for a replacement. All errors should be corrected in the revised pattern, except the following:

July 16, 2011. There is an error to the chart key for the "V" symbol affecting the Edging Stitch chart. There should actually be an additional symbol meaning, "slip stitch as if to purl, holding yarn in back." The original instruction for this symbol, "slip stitch as if to purl, holding yarn in front," works for the neckline.

Errors to the Fiber Dreams version

May 4, 2012. Page 2, Gauge Swatch: the correct number of stitches to cast on for the swatch is 55.


This is not an error, but because of the font used may look like one: the written instructions for the Edging Stitch and the Neckline Stitch both use a symbol, "sl" meaning "slip." So, in the pattern where it says "sl1" it means "s1" or slip 1 stitch.

All provisional cast ons should be worked with a smooth waste yarn.

The edging and neckline are applied borders, and so are worked at a 90° angle to the rest of the knitting.